Four Types of People Come to Krishna Consciousness

by Satsvarupa Das Brahmachary(Stephen Guarino) According to the Bhagavad Gita, those "virtuous ones" who actually come to God, are of four kinds: O best among the Bhāratas, four kinds of pious men begin to render devotional service unto Me—the distressed, the desirer of wealth, the inquisitive, and he who is searching for knowledge of the Absolute Bhagavad-Gita 7.16 The distressed,

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Chanting Hare Krishna | Srila Prabhupada

The transcendental vibration established by the chanting of HARE KRISHNA HARE KRISHNA KRISHNA KRISHNA, HARE HARE, HARE RAMA, HARE RAMA, RAMA RAMA, HARE HARE is the sublime method for reviving our transcendental consciousness. As living spiritual souls, we are all originally Krishna Conscious entities, but due to our association with matter—since time immemorial—our consciousness is now adulterated by the material

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Different Nations of The World Described in Srimad Bhagavatam

Text 18 kirāta-hūṇāndhra-pulinda-pulkaśāābhīra-śumbhā yavanāḥ khasādayaḥye 'nye ca pāpā yad-apāśrayāśrayāḥśudhyanti tasmai prabhaviṣṇave namaḥ SYNONYMSkirāta—a province of old Bhārata; hūṇa—part of Germany and Russia; āndhra—a province of southern India; pulinda—the Greeks; pulkaśāḥ—another province; ābhīra—part of old Sind; śumbhāḥ—another province; yavanāḥ—the Turks; khasa-ādayaḥ—the Mongolian province; ye—even those; anye—others; ca—also; pāpāḥ—addicted to sinful acts; yat—whose; apāśraya-āśrayāḥ—having taken shelter of the devotees of the Lord;

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BG Ch 8 – Attaining the Supreme (1 – 10)

By remembering Lord Kṛṣṇa in devotion throughout one's life, and especially at the time of death, one can attain to His supreme abode, beyond the material world.

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BG Ch 3 – Karma Yoga (32 – 43)

Everyone must engage in some sort of activity in this material world. But actions can either bind one to this world or liberate one from it. By acting for the pleasure of the Supreme, without selfish motives, one can be liberated from the law of karma (action and reaction) and attain transcendental knowledge of the self and the Supreme.

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BG Ch 7 – Knowledge of the Absolute (1 – 10)

Lord Kṛṣṇa is the Supreme Truth, the supreme cause and sustaining force of everything, both material and spiritual. Advanced souls surrender unto Him in devotion, whereas impious souls divert their minds to other objects of worship.

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Son of Bharat – ISKCON Srila Prabhupada’s Biography by Sri Narendra Modi

1896 – BirthSrila Prabhupada was born Abhay Charan De on 1st September 1896 in Kolkata, West Bengal, India, at about 4pm to father Gaura Mohan De and mother Rajani Devi. 1918 – MarriageEnters married life with Radharani Datta. 1922 – Meets his future spiritual masterMeets for the first time Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Thakura – his future initiating spiritual master – who asks him to preach Lord Chaitanya’s mission in the Western countries. 1925 – Visits his spiritual masterVisits Vrindavan (the holy land where Lord Krishna spent his childhood) for the first time and hears more from Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami. 1933 – Receives initiationReceives formal initiation from his spiritual master Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami. 1935 – Visits his spiritual masterTravelled to Vrindavan to see his spiritual master, Srila Bhaktisiddhanta Sarasvati Gosvami, who gave him two essential instructions: print books and build temples. 1944 – Publishes ‘Back to Godhead’ magazineStarts writing and publishing ‘Back to Godhead’ magazine. 1947 – Receives title ‘Bhaktivedanta’Receives the honorary title of ‘Bhaktivedanta’ from his God-brothers in the Gaudiya Math. 1959 – Awarded sannyasaAwarded sannyasa (the renounced order of life) in Mathura by one of his God-brothers, His Holiness B.P. Kesava Maharaj. 1965 – Voyage to the USAVoyage to the USA aboard the Jaladuta ship lasting one month, during which time he suffers two heart attacks. 1965 – Arrives in AmericaHistoric arrival in America. The ship Jaladuta docks at Commonwealth Pier, Boston. 1966 – Incorporates the International Society for Krishna consciousness (ISKCON) 1968 – Bhagavad-gita As It Is abridged edition published by Macmillan 1970 – Establishes the Governing Body Commission (GBC)Srila Prabhupada establishes the Governing Body Commission, the ultimate managing authority of ISKCON. 1972 – Establishes the Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT) 1974 – Completes the translation of Sri Chaitanya Charitamrita into English 1975 – Opens Sri Sri Krishna Balarama Temple in VrindavanLater to be his final resting place. 1977 – Departure from the material worldAt the age of 81, Srila Prahupada left the material world in Vrindavan, India.

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BG Ch 9 – The Most Confidential Knowledge (11 – 20)

TEXT 11 avajānanti māṁ mūḍhāmānuṣīṁ tanum āśritamparaṁ bhāvam ajānantomama bhūta-maheśvaram SYNONYMSavajānanti—deride; mām—Me; mūḍhāḥ—foolish men; mānuṣīm—in a human form; tanum—a body; āśritam—assuming; param—transcendental; bhāvam—nature; ajānantaḥ—not knowing; mama—My; bhūta—of everything that be;