Do you worship idols and Does everyone worship God via an image?

Radhika Raman Das
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No. We don’t worship idols but deities of God. God is a Person with a Form, and He wants to be worshipped in an image Form. This can be proven by the fact that it’s God who has been creating those who worship Him in the image Form for millions of years, the Sanatan-Dharma followers (Hindus). And the same God has been creating those who don’t worship Him in the image Form, the non-Hindus, for only a few thousand years at most.

Thus, it’s God’s will that those who worship Him in the image form are eternal (the Hindus) and those who cannot understand God having a Form or those who are against image worship are not eternal (non-Hindus).

If you read all the scriptures on the planet, you will learn that except for the Hindus, no other race or religious group has existed for more than a few thousand years. The Hindus have existed for millions of years and all other races originate from the Hindus. This is the will of God.

The deities will appear as stone or wood to those who are not qualified to know God. But for the sincere devotees of God, the deities are real, and on many occasions, the deities actually come alive. But God is not so cheap, He cannot be known by everyone, especially the Yavanas and Mlechhas (animal killers and those who are opposed to the Vedic principles/culture).

“I am not manifest to everyone. The foolish persons are covered by My internal potency [Yoga Maya] and they cannot understand that I am unborn, and eternal, with a spiritual form.”

Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 7.25

Does everyone worship God via an image?


  • The Muslims bow down to the black stone in the Kaaba when they pray
  • The Christians face the cross when they pray
  • The learned Hindus, face a deity of Lord Krishna when they pray

Thus, everyone worships God via an image of some sort based on his or her understanding of God.

“Those who without deviation, meditate upon me, worship me, fix their mind on me, and become attached to Me, I very quickly deliver them from material existence, which is an ocean of birth, death, and miseries.”

Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 12.6-7

Lord Krishna is saying that if we worship Him in the deity form, then we can be freed from material existence and go back to the spiritual creation where people live eternally in the same body which is completely beautiful, completely blissful, with no trace of misery, disease, or old age.

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