What are the moral values of civilized humans?

Radhika Raman Das
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  • Be kind to all living beings
  • Be sociable. Visit your friends and relatives often
  • Don’t eat your brothers and sisters (Vegetarianism)
  • Share all your belongings with others
  • Consider yourself to be the lowest (free from personal ego and pride)
  • Treat others well whether you are in distress or happiness
  • Be very tolerant in all situations
  • Always be satisfied with whatever you get or don’t get
  • Always control yourself
  • Don’t be fussy with food, eat whatever is available or offered to you, provided its vegetarian
  • Don’t be a miser, be miserly to yourself but not to others
  • Give up all sense of ownership
  • Be clean. Take bath at least once a day, brush teeth at least twice a day, and keep the home and work area clean. Men should be clean shaven (no beard)
  • Never lie, always tell the truth
  • Never cheat or mislead anyone
  • Never gamble
  • Never drink alcohol or take drugs
  • Never smoke or chew tobacco
  • Be free from lust. If you are a man, think of all women older than you as your elder sisters or mothers. All women younger than you, are your sisters or daughters. If you are a woman, think of all men older than you as your fathers or elder brothers. All men younger than you are your brothers or sons
  • Don’t behave like the dogs on the street. No relationship outside marriage
  • Always help others according to your ability
  • Always be charitable according to your capacity
  • Always be concerned for the welfare and wellness of others
  • Accept that you are responsible for your own bills (Karma)
  • Accept that you are the soul, which is eternal (Reincarnation)
  • You should follow and recite this list of good qualities at least once a week, to become purified and elevated to higher consciousness.

“Absence of fear, purity of heart, charitable, striving for spiritual knowledge by studying the Vedic scriptures, lives a simple life, always straight forward in his dealings, always truthful, not violent, free from anger, not greedy, always gentle, forgiving, very clean, not envious of others, compassionate to all living beings, doesn’t talk non-sense, has no pride, doesn’t mislead others – These are some of the qualities of those with divine nature.”

Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 16.1-3
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