What is foolishness?

Radhika Raman Das
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When one judges or makes decisions, based on his/her own knowledge, ability, experience, and perception, this is called foolishness.

Some people say no one has seen God. Have you seen what the 7 billion people in the World today or the trillions of people who lived in the past have seen? No! So how can you say that no one has seen God?

Some people say I haven’t seen my last life nor my next life and so this is the only life. Have you seen Japan? No! But you still believe there is a country called Japan, even though you have not seen it. You are willing to accept the authority of world maps created by people and also the words of people who have seen Japan. Why not accept the authority of a person who has appeared more than 18,000 times in His original form (same body) and each time proving He is the Supreme person? He says we are the soul which is eternal and the soul transmigrates from one body to another, life after life. There are also millions of His devotees who have seen Him face to face right here on this planet, and in the spiritual creation, trillions of living beings are seeing Him right now.

Some people say we have a form and we are not great, and so God cannot have a form because as he is great. You have a form and you are not a brain surgeon, does this mean that all brain surgeons must be formless?

Some people say we suffer because God is not present everywhere to help us. Just because you can’t be everywhere, does it mean that God can’t be everywhere?

Some people say if a person produces a small chunk of gold in his hand, then he must be God. What about the person who has created the gold mines?

Some say, people are born unfortunate in their only life so that they will be judged earlier than others. First of all, when is the Day of Judgment? No answer. Who would choose to be born blind in their only life, so they can be judged earlier?

Some people say their God will save them on the Day of Judgment, and until then they have to suffer. Will you work for a company that will pay you on the Day of Judgment?

A business who supplies goods to customers who promise to pay on the Day of Judgment, is most foolish.

If you go on a shopping spree, who should pay the bills? You or someone else?

If one thinks that someone else will pay for the crimes he commits, is evil and most foolish. Can a criminal say to the Judge, ‘hang someone else for my crimes’? Would any Judge accept this?

“The foolish persons cannot understand how a living entity quits one body to take another. But those with knowledge can see this.”

Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 15.10

“Foolish men, disregard Me when I appear in a human like body. They do not know that My nature is supreme, and I am the great Lord of everything.”

Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 9.11
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