What does rejecting karma and reincarnation mean?

Radhika Raman Das
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Some people say they can’t remember their past lives and thus this is the only life (no reincarnation). Can you remember the day you were born? No. So why do you exist? Can you remember all the moments of your whole life? No. So does this mean that you only existed for the moments you can remember?

If there is no reincarnation, then it means this is the one and only life.

  • Some people are born with cancer in their only life.
  • Some people are born poor in their only life.
  • Some people only live for a day and die in their only life.
  • Some people suffer more than others in their only life.
  • Some people are born blind in their only life.

The above means God is very mean and not fair to those who are unfortunate. Or everything happens by chance, which means God is not in control. Both of these statements imply there is no God (atheistic).

Some people believe that they can live a life of sin, then at death they will be buried, and on some unknown day of judgment they will rise from their grave in the same body they died. They will get a bailout plan for their sins, and then go to heaven and eternally live in the same body they died in. They can’t get a new body, because this would mean reincarnation.

The above means that in heaven, there will be many old people as they died in their old age. Is living in an old body eternally, heavenly or hellish life?

Why should God keep the dead waiting (for the Day of Judgment), in some cases for millions of years? This means God is not very efficient.

Some people believe that only the followers of their religion go to heaven, the others eternally go to hell. This means God is not merciful, fair, or forgiving, and has made a mistake by creating those who don’t follow a particular religion. Can God be wrong?

The believers of God must accept that God is merciful, fair, forgiving, and efficient. Thus, those who reject karma and reincarnation are the unbelievers of God (atheists).

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