Madhumangal Blesses the Younger Gopis

Danagati Das
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One time Krsna and his cowherd boyfriends devised a plan to raid the Gopi’s stock of butter.  They secretly entered the stock room and found many pots of butter. They then started eating and shared amongst themselves. They even started sharing all the pure butter to the monkeys.

Meanwhile the younger girls heard the noise coming from the room where the butter is stored. Slowly, without Krsna and His friends hearing them, they closed the door and locked it from the outside. Then they went to find some sticks so they could beat the thieves in their stock room.

Meanwhile Krsna and his friends realised what had happened. They tried to open the door but it would not open. They then saw a small window at the top of the ceiling.  One by One they all climb up and got away, except Madhumangal. Madhumangal was a little big from eating Laddus all the time. So, when he got to the window, he got stuck. Half his body was outside and the other half was inside.

When the unmarried Gopis came in, they saw that all the boys had disappeared. They looked up and saw this strange sight, a round thing with two legs dangling in the air.

They pulled Madhumangal out from the window. They then tied Madhumangal sika to a tree and asked to call for his friend Krsna to come back.

Each one took turns to pull in the rope and everytime they pulled Madhumangal would go, KRSNA HELP……….!

Again, another Gopi would take the rope and Madhumangal would go, “KANIYA HELLLLP!”

Then Krsna came said “Areh!!!, what are you’ll doing?

Madhumangal is not a vaishya, he is not a cowherd boy. He is a brahmana. You girls have caused big Brahmana Appradha. You can get married to old men.

The Gopis shocked, let Madhumangal lose and begged his forgiveness. They plead to him to tell them how they can please him.

Madhumangal said bring me hundreds and thousands of Laddus.

The Gopis then created a throne for Madhumangal and each one feed him a Laddu.

Then he asked what benediction they want and the Gopis would reply, that she wants Krsna as her husband. Madhumangal would say

“SO BE IT” and they Gopis would become very happy.

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