Pastimes of Lord Nṛsiṁhadev

Danagati Das
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It all begins in the Spiritual World

Once Lord Vishnu, Narayana was seated on Ananta Sesa. Luxmidevi was softly massaging the Feet of the Lord. Touching the soft Lotus Feet of the Lord, Luxmidevi began to think how could the Lord fight with great demons with a body that is soft as foam found on the top of boiling milk. She revealed Her mind to the Lord and He replied that sometime in the future He will exhibit his prowess as a fighter.

Meanwhile at the Gates to Vaikuntha stood Jaya and Vijay. They also had the thoughts Like Luxmidevi. They discussed amongst themselves that Lord Narayana poses six qualities in full. One of those qualities is, the Lord has all strength. But who can fight with the Lord. Who is that powerful to fight with the Lord. The two Gate Keepers desired that they can serve their Lord of Vaikuntha by fighting with Him.

Lord Visnu, who situated in the heart of all His devotees, understood the desires of His servants standing at the Gateway of Vaikuntha. So He created a scene whereby Luxmidevi and, Jaya and Vijaya could have their desires fulfilled.

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