How to do Arati at Home

Radhika Raman Das
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gaṅge ca yamune caiva godāvari sarasvati
narmade sindho kāveri jale ‘smin sannidhiṁ kuru

May water from the holy rivers Gaṅgā, Yamunā, Godāvarī, Sarasvatī, Narmadā, Sindhu, and Kāverī kindly be present.

Important note: After I made and uploaded this video, one senior devotee corrected me saying that while inviting the Holy rivers into the patra I need to use my middle finger instead of the finger I used in the video. So please, keep that mind. Please use your middle finger.

Mula Mantras For each Deity there is a mula-mantra, or a root mantra. This mula-mantra will be used often throughout the day in the performance of various services to the Lord.

The mula-mantras are as follows:
for Krsna is: klim Krsnaya namaha
for Radha is: shrim raam radhikayai namaha
for Radha and Krsna together is: shrim klim radha krishnabyam namaha
for Baladeva is: om namo bhagavate vasudevaya
for Lord Caitanya is: klim gauraya namaha
for Lord Nityananda is: klim deva jahnavi vallabhaya namaha
for Advaitacarya is: klim advaitaya namaha
for Gadadhara is: shrim gadadharaya namaha
for Srivasa Thakura is: shrim srivasaya namaha
for the guru is aim gurave namaha
for the parama-guru is om parama-gurave namaha
for Subhadra is om hrim bhuvanesvaryai namaha
fo r Jagannatha is om gopijana-vallabhiiya namaha
for silagrima-sili is om namo bhagavate vasudevaya.

The mantras for each item are as follows:
Incense: esa dhupah and the mula-mantra
Camphor and ghee lamps: esa dipah and the mula-mantra
Water in a conchshell: idam arghyam and the mula-mantra
Cloth: idam vastram and the mula-mantra
Flowers: etani puspani and the mula-mantra (idam puspam if offering a single flower)
Camara: esa camara-seva and the mula-mantra
Fan: esa vyajana-seva and the mula-mantra

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