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Radhika Raman Das
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House program at Bilvamangal Prabhu and Krishodari Mataji (Papakura, New Zealand)

Delving into Kapila’s Wisdom, one of the canto’s highlights is the profound teachings of Lord Kapila to his mother, Devahuti. This segment, covering chapters 20 to 33, is a treasure trove of wisdom encompassing aspects of Sankhya philosophy, yoga, devotion, and liberation. Kapila’s discourse sheds light on the path to spiritual emancipation, touching upon the intricacies of ‘ghana’ (knowledge), ‘yoga’, and the ultimate goal of ‘bhakti’ (devotion).

Despite the seemingly abstract subject matter, these teachings resonate with timeless relevance, offering guidance on attaining true liberation and understanding the essence of devotion. Kapila’s emphasis on ‘bhakti yoga’ as a means of transcending material constraints and achieving eternal bliss with Sri Krishna stands out as a core theme of this richly layered text.

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