How we differentiate between God and imposters?

Radhika Raman Das
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In this age of Kali, the age of ignorance and irreligion. There will be many imposters who claim to be God or an incarnation of God. By knowing what is God will very easily expose the imposters.

For a person to be called God or Bhagawan, He must satisfy at least all the following conditions:

  • God is known eternally and not just recently. God must be eternal and thus He must also be known eternally on this planet and in millions of universes
  • God has an eternal body. He must have appeared in the same body many times and not just once. This proves that He is eternal. This is one of the differences between God and His creations. Man has a body that is temporary, but God has a body that is eternal and thus He appears in the same body whenever He appears
  • God is the most beautiful Person. God has created humans and other living beings, which are beautiful to some degree and some are more beautiful than others. Why would God create others beautiful and Himself ugly or average looking? God does not have wrinkles, a beard, or white hair
  • God has made living beings powerful and some are more powerful than others and thus God must be the most powerful Person
  • God has given opulence to humans and some are more opulent than others. Thus, God must be the most opulent Person
  • God has given riches to humans and some are richer than others. Thus, God must be the richest Person
  • God has made the sun which is all pervading, because the sun is everywhere in the universe. Thus, God must also be all pervading and thus omnipresent (present everywhere). God is greater than His creations
  • God has made humans who are renounced to some degree, and some are more renounced than others. Thus, God must be the most renounced Person
  • God has made humans who are forgiving, compassionate, merciful, and tolerant, and some are more forgiving, compassionate, merciful, and tolerant compared to others. Thus, God must be the most forgiving, compassionate, merciful, and tolerant Person
  • God has given us memory power so we can remember things, thus God must have all memory
  • God must be the most famous Person; He must be known for millions of years and not just a few hundred or a few thousand years
  • God has all eighteen mystic siddhis (perfections) in full. These are listed in another question

Anyone who claims to be God should have at least all the qualities just described. Otherwise, he is not God. So far, only Lord Krishna has proved that He has all the above qualities, not just once, but millions of times, because He has appeared millions of times.

I am transcendental, beyond the fallible and infallible, and because I am the greatest, I am celebrated as the Supreme person, on the material, and spiritual planets, and in the Vedas.”

Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 15.18

All living beings have their source from My material and spiritual energies, and know for certain that I am the origin and dissolution of the entire creation.”

Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 7.6

Once you know the qualities of God, you will not accept any cheap person as God.

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