Krsna teaches the parrot to recite a mantra

Danagati Das
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When Krsna saw Rādhārani cooking for Him, He became very agitated and became eager to hear Sri Rādhikā nāma kīrtana. Since it was impossible in His parental home, He engaged a young parrot in performing this kīrtana on the pretext of teaching him recital.

He made a parrot sit on His arm, which was like a sapphire rod, and caressed him with His soft lotus like hand. Feeding him ripe pomegranate seeds, that resembled His own gem-like teeth,He said: ” Oh, king of the parrots! Recite!”

“dhāradhara vapu nārāyano’smān sa prasīdatu”

May Narayana, whose body is like a mountain, protect us!

But this young parrot could not remember so many syllables. Merciful Krsna then caressed the parrot and told: “Alright, if you cannot recite the complete verse, then just say dhārādhara!

Then the young parrot began to repeat the sweet syllables dhāra dhāra rādha rādha rādha.

Parrot kept chanting the name of Rādhārānī. Krsna rewarded him with pomegranate seeds and joined the chanting – Rādhā Rādhā.

(from Srī Krsna Bhavanamrta Mahakavya)

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