Durvāsā Muni blesses Srimati Radharani

Danagati Das
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Durvāsā Muni is an incarnation of Rudra, so he has the same qualities of Lord Shiva. He was easily angered; at the same time, he was easily pleased. He had thousands of disciples and wherever he went, they also went with him.

Once they were travelling through the Vraja Mandala area. Seeing the beauty of Vraja, he decided to spend some time in the area. Then suddenly, the sage became extremely hungry.  At that moment little Radharani and her Gopi friends were coming from the Yamuna River.

The Muni called to Radharani and her friends.

My dear girls. I am very hungry, and I have to eat now.

The Gopis replied, “O sage, please don’t worry, we’ll run home and will return with a big feast for you.

But Durvāsā Muni said, “No, No. I am hungry and I want to eat now.

So Srimati Radharani picked some dust from Vrindavan. They were carrying Yamuna water with them, so She took it and made some nice Vrindavan Dust cookies. She then handed it the Durvāsā Muni to eat.

The Sage took it and looked at it. What is this, he thought. “Dirt with river water“.

He said to them “I can’t eat this

But all the Gopis insisted, “No you have to eat it, it tastes really good. Srimati Radharani is a really good cook.”

Hesitantly. Durvāsā Muni put a mud biscuit in his mouth. He looked at the Gopis and they all, in a loud chorus shouted, Eat!! Eat!! Eat!!

He was so hungry, that he nibbled a little. His eyes grew with excitement. He took another bigger bite. Surprised at the taste, he ate the whole mud biscuit. He ate another and another and another, He had a huge feast of mud biscuits until his hunger had subsided.

When he was leaving, he gave Srimati Radharani two benedictions.

What you cook will always taste like nectar and whoever eats your cooking they will stay healthy and young forever. When Mother Yaśodā heard of these benedictions given to Srimati Radharani, she requested that Srimati Radharani come every day and every evening to cook for Kṛṣṇa.

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