Vrindavana Ramya Sthana

Vraja Sundari
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By Srila Narottama Dasa Thakura
Book Name: Prarthana

vṛndāvana ramya-sthāna dibya-cińtāmaṇi-dhāma
ratana mandira manohara
abṛta kālindī-nīre rāja-haḿsa keli kare
tāhe śobhe kanaka-kamal

tār madhye hema-pīṭha aṣṭa-dale beṣṭita
aṣṭa-dale pradhāna nāyika
tār madhye ratnāsane ba’si āchen dui-jane
śyāma-sańge sundarī rādhikā

o-rūpa-lābaṇya-rāśi amiyā pariche khasi
narottama-dāsa koy nitya-līlā sukha-moy
sadāi sphurūk mora mane


1) Beautiful Vrndavana is filled with cintamani gems and many jewel palaces and temples.  Many regal swans play in the waters of the Yamuna, and in those waters a splendid golden lotus flower grows.

2) In the middle of that lotus is a golden place surrounded by eight petals.  On these eight petals the eight principal gopis reside, and in the center Lord Syamasundara and beautiful Srimati Radharani sit on a jewel throne.

3) The great beauty of the Divine couple and Their charming joking and laughter continually showers nectar everywhere.  Narottama dasa says: “I pray that these blissful eternal transcendental pastimes of the Divine Couple may be always manifested in my heart.”

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