7. Show me God, only then will I believe?

Radhika Raman Das
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Most of us can’t even meet the President of a small country on this insignificant planet. So how can we meet the President of millions of universes?

God is not our servant who will come in front of us whenever we desire it. If we want to see Him, then we have to accept His terms.

Have you seen Japan? No! But you still believe there is a country called Japan, even though you have not seen it. You are willing to accept the authority of world maps created by people and also the words of people who have seen Japan. Why not accept the authority of the eternal Vedic scriptures which state that Lord Krishna is the Supreme person, who has appeared more than 18,000 times in His original form (same body) and each time proving He is the Supreme person. Why not accept the authority of millions of Vedic followers who have seen Lord Krishna?

“By performing devotional service unto Me [Krishna], without deviation. You can begin to understand My mysteries, and thus I can be seen in this form, standing before you.” (Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 11.54)

As Lord Krishna states in this verse, by serving Him without deviation, one will eventually see Him, face-to-face. A 5 year old boy called Druva, saw Lord Vishnu face to face, after just a few months of performing severe penances. Another 5 year old boy called Prahlad, saw Lord Krishna in His form as Lord Nrishingha. Millions of people have already seen Lord Krishna, face-to-face, and you can too, but you have to become qualified to see Him.

For those who are not qualified: the foolish, sinful, and less intelligent, God will remain unknown/invisible

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