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Four learned ascetic sons of Lord Brahmā appearing eternally as children, who became great devotees of the Lord and great authorities on devotional service; Four sons of Brahmā, named Sanat, Sanandana, Sanaka and Sanātana, who are incarnations of the jñāna-śakti (power of knowledge) of Lord Viṣṇu. They live for the entire duration of universal time, but appear as children of only 5 years. One of the four Vaiṣṇava sampradāyas is called the Kumāra Sampradāya. They are its original founders.

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Raman (Radhika Raman Das) joined ISKCON in 2003 and got initiated by HH Bhakti Caitanya Swami Maharaj in 2011. As the Editor in Chief at "The Vaisnava - Online Magazine", he helps readers around the world hone in their Spiritual Curiosity, express their unique realizations as aspiring Vaisnava writers and enthusiasts, as well as to spread the digital seed of Srila Prabhupada's mission to spread Krishna Consciousness all around the globe.
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