12. Who are the unbelievers?

Radhika Raman Das
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As already stated, those who are against the will of God are called the unbelievers.

  • It is God who is creating the people of various religions, and thus those who don’t allow freedom of religion are the unbelievers
  • It is God who is creating the animals and for the same reason as humans, to live. Thus, those who think that animals are food are the unbelievers
  • It is God who is creating people who worship Him in His image form, and thus those who are against image worship are the unbelievers
  • It is God who is placing souls in particular bodies in particular situations exactly based on what the soul deserves (karma), and thus those who believe things happen by chance are the unbelievers
  • God is most merciful and forgiving. To prove this, He gives us unlimited chances of life (reincarnation), and thus those who believe this is the only life are the unbelievers
  • God is eternal and thus humans have also eternally existed. Those who believe humans have only existed for a few thousand years are the unbelievers
  • The eternal God has made Himself completely describable to humans. Those who follow ideologies, where God is not described are the unbelievers

“One who does not hate anyone, is friendly and compassionate to all living beings, shares his belongings with others, has no sense of ownership, free from ego; even-minded in both happiness and distress, forgiving, tolerant in all situations, always satisfied, worships Me with determination and devotion. Such a person is very dear to Me.”

Lord Krishna, Bhagavad-Gita 12.13-14
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